Happy customers from Belgium!

Pikefishing on lake Mjøsa with over 40 pike caught , can it be better?! Picture shows the biggest pike of the trip. A beautiful 114cm pike!  

Dorgetur @ Einavatnet

Fisket og været på Einavatnet i dag viste seg ikke fra sin beste side. Kundene kunne allikevel kjøre c&r på 4 gjedder i grei size!  

Cleaning perch with Dr.Hook @ Mjosa 2012

Went for a ice fishing trip on lake Mjøsa with Dr.Hook Geir Sivertzen this month. Caught a few nice perch. A beautiful day on the ice for sure! Dr.Hook himself made this good movie of how to clean the perch bonefree with a pair of scissors. Enjoy ;)

Happy New Year!

Ønsker alle gamle og nye kunder , venner og bekjente ett riktig godt nytt år! Happy new year to old and new customers , friends and associates! Fishing already started great this year with this beautiful trout caught yesterday when icefishing . Tight lines !!  

Fishing with Beet.nl

The 16th and the 17th of August 2011 i got the honor to fish with Pierre Bronsgeest the chief editor of www.beet.nl ,and the very skilled independent angler Toine. The first day we fished for pike at Einafjorden , the weather was terrible , and so was the fishing conditions! But after we began trolling […]

June 2011; Russia2 TV @ Hunnselva

Today i got to guide Russia2 TV’s fishing show at the river Hunnselva. The day started with some heavy rain and the conditions became almost perfect for trout fishing there. In under 4 hours we landed approx 20 trout , and lost the same amount. The biggest one was around 1kg+. All fish went back […]

2010; Good feedback from Heiko

Hy Terje, Do you remember me, when I caught the pike of 7.4 kilos and 105 cm..? It was a fine day and I am very happy, that I cauhgt such a good pike. I also find the story with some pictures in the newspaper «Opplandet» and I was very happy, to read the story […]

2010; Angelwoche

Guide for tyske Angelwoche på jakt etter Quappe /Lake / Lota lota . Fisket foregikk fra isen på Mjøsa. Vi fisket 4timer ,og alle fikk fisk. Fiskene lå alle i størrelsen 1-1.5kg ,utenom en som var pene 2.8kg og 72cm. Guidet Angelwoche 2 dager til , med innføring i tradisjonellt isfiske etter abbor den ene […]