Trolling on Einafjorden

Trollingtour with 2 local guys on Einafjorden , August 2015. We fished with 2 rods loaded with wobblers. 5 hours of fishing summary , 8 pike , 2-5kg+ Tight Lines!

Fishing pike on Mjøsa today

Pikefishing on Mjøsa today with dad and son from Belgium. Decent fishing with lots of strikes and 8 pike in the boat. Top fish of today was 90cm , the one on the picture is 83cm.

Pike season is open for guiding!

First trip of the season with some guys from the Netherlands. Still very cold in the water so the fish aint moving much. We managed to hook up to some pike anyway , with this beautiful 104cm pike as the biggest of the day! The fishing will just get better and better for every day […]