Pikeseason is on!

One of several nice prespawn pike today. Pikefishing is getting smoking hot on lake Einavatnet.  We are open for booking. Feel free to contact us シ

Fishing is hot for the moment!

The fishing is smoking hot for the moment. Customers with a beautiful lady measuring 115cm/10kg+! We caught a total of 10 fish this day with a very good average and top fish of 108cm anf 115cm! Happy days! We are open for booking a few weeks more!

Decent pike catch in Mjøsa today!

Two nice Swedish anglers visiting lake Mjøsa for some pikefishing today. The pike were a bit slow only nibbling until the last hour where they decided to eat. Result some nice pike with a top fish of 102cm for Lisa!

Pikefishing Mjøsa

A good days fishing for pike on lake Mjøsa for the customers from Germany. Top fish of 101cm and 100cm aint bad! We are available to book for fishing perch and pike on Mjøsa and Einavatnet. Contact us on the website or by phone.

Good fishing the last days!

Good fishing on Einafjorden at the moment. 23 pike in the boat in 3days and also burned a lot. Could been way better but the that’s the game of fishing , you can’t catch them all.